At TMD we offer solutions from the job site to the front office, our capabilities in global supply chain management, manufacturing and product development make it easier to run your business. Why spend time and money managing materials when you should be focused on the project at hand?

Our advanced supply chain services get materials to the point of installation quickly and painlessly, increasing jobsite productivity.

Whether you’re running a job site, managing a manufacturing plant or building the machines and parts for either, TMD keeps you competitive, safe and profitable. We’ve been providing products to  industry for more than a decade and understand how to take advantage of the latest technologies, process efficiencies and inventory management solutions.

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Manufacturing & Sourcing

Supply Chain Management

Design & Development

Manufacturing & sourcing

TMD takes the guesswork out of  Manufacturing and Sourcing, with a team of professionals worldwide, TMD provides a total solution for manufacturing and supply chain management.  Our Pittsburgh, PA headquarters and offices in Shanghai  give our customers peace of mind with the close proximity of a US based office, while the Shanghai office give us total clarity and insight into the entire cost analysis and supply chain.

TMD: We offer solutions.

Supply Chain Solution

From product design, financial modeling and risk management of offshore manufacturing, TMD Holdings helps to enhance sales, improve logistics, minimizes project costs and consolidates vendors.   In the world of manufacturing physical objects, tasks are repetitive, activities are predictable. In product development, tasks are unique and project requirements constantly change requiring a company that can adapt to client needs. TMD has the unique ability to act as an extension of our client's purchasing departments. Our extensive knowledge of materials sourcing allows us to approach any custom manufacturing job with confidence.

Design and Development

TMD Industrial understands the nuances of product sourcing and manufacturing, whether you have a prototype, your design schematics have been created or you need assistance creating them, our team has the ability to deliver.  We have the adaptive expertise and agility to manage diverse collections of project initiatives because our processes have been in place for more than 18 years.

TMD Industrial has provided solutions for the following industries:

  • educational facilities

  • food service

  • medical

  • government agencies

  • utility

  • construction

  • manufacturing

  • telecommunications

  • ...and more