TMD Difference

At the core of TMD , is our technology, manufacturing and design capabilities. We are experts in importing and exporting, creative design, working capital and have more than a decade of retail experience.  Accountability, Integrity, Quality and Collaboration are our core values.

Our people, processes and organizational structure differentiate us from any competitor.  

Total Supply Chain Solution:

The key differentiator is that TMD maintains actual infrastructure including offices/warehouses and buildings.  We are your total supply chain solution. TMD bridges the gap between our customers and overseas factories. We not only help with language barriers, but with culture and customs. TMD has staff in Asia that monitors the progress of each and every project from day 1 to mitigate risk and maintain quality.

Customer Care:  Our people have a created a culture that places the client first.  This is accompanied with accelerated innovation, improved agility, increased adaptability, and cuts costs all while fostering an environment of communication and shared goals.  We use a consultative approach to drive growth all over the world by providing solutions.

Social Compliance:  
Global companies return time and again to obtain customized solutions for their specific needs.  
We adhere to ethical standards and compliance with strict international standards that are upheld by large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Comcast, Anheuser Busch, among others.  

Quality :  We are experienced in testing and certifications from UL/CUL, Rohs, ASTM and more.
We utilize a QA process that consists of internal, third-party and international organizations.

Warehouse, logistics, design, manufacturing, sourcing and more…TMD is your partner in the supply chain. What problem can we solve for you?

TMD Industrial clients and distributors