Overcoming Cultural Barriers

TMD was established by a Chinese-American family whose global perspective made way for a business model that uniquely integrates both cultures. Our offices in the U.S. and China communicate daily and we plan visits several times yearly. Manufacturing details run the risk of being lost in translation for many companies and understanding both cultures has been crucial to our success. 

Timelines can be affected by Chinese holidays and government inspections. We carefully plan around these events to keep delivery dates on track. 

Language barriers can be challenging. That TMD has bilingual employees in both countries is a huge benefit. To further facilitate communication, our design and project management teams describe details to our factories in concise terms. Visual aids like schematics and clear photos of techniques and materials assist in verifying the needs of each project. 

It is said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We recognize the importance of maintaining a global team mentality. Annual visits help strengthen comradery — from sharing meals to comparison shopping. Our American and Chinese employees also explore manufacturing trade shows together. These outings have proven helpful with establishing new techniques and materials of interest. Both offices share new product ideas and techniques regularly through our online project management program.

We have established effective methods of collaborating between countries.
Our ability to transcend cultural barriers is one of the greatest advantages of working with TMD.

TMD Industrial