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TMD Offers Solutions

We are your partner in the supply chain.  With vast experience with a wide variety of raw materials, we have worked with products in all phases from idea to full scale production.   We are your project support team with 18 years of experience providing valuable services in manufacturing, sourcing, design and logistics.


TMD Industrial Markets
TMD Supply Chain Solutions

Industries and markets

TMD has provided quality products to a variety of industries:

  • telecommunications

  • educational facilities

  • food service

  • medical

  • government agencies

  • utility

  • construction

  • manufacturing

  • ...and more


MAterials & innovative solutions

TMD has collaborated with some of the most widely recognized brands and largest companies in the  world to create opportunities for innovative solutions for more than 10,000 unique components including:

Gears & Fitments
Safety Gear & Markers
Clips & Fasteners

… The possibilities are endless.

TMD Materials and Products

Product Categories


Contract Manufacturing Clients


industrial clients & distributors

TMD Industrial clients and distributors